Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation(from Latin divinare,"to foresee, to be inspired by a god"),related to divinus, divine. 

About the Readings

As a Diviner I listen to and interpret information while connecting to spirit with the guidance of Ancestors, Spirit, celestial guides,& ascended masters.


This information is brought to me in the form symbols and messages that allow me to interpret for your highest good. During the process I combine many forms of intuitive energy work, crystals, various divinations tools,& tarot cards to personalize your session. 


Many experience deep relaxation, balancing of energy, moments of release,and mental clarity. 


The healing begins at the time of the divination, but growth and change is up to you. 


Prescribed "rituals" are carried out by you after the session can lead you through a deeper healing process.Together we work to get to the core and help unearth your story and  get you on your path to personal freedom and transformation.

When issues are shown to us during a session, I also receive ways (if you are truly ready to release them) which are given through the aid of personal talisman medicine magic and home ritual(what I call your home work)- Spiritual herbal baths, crystals, candle magic, personal meditations - All made with love in spirit by me for you.

Your unique custom Divination is a portal into your deeper self. It is a blessing to share my work with those ready to take steps towards releasing your new self! 


  • 30 minutes - one question $40

  • 60 minutes - two questions $65 

  • 90 minutes, includes personalized ritual or sacred intent kit $95

  • 120 minutes 1 hour Spiritual Light Coaching, Reiki, personal meditations, and journaling exercises come with this reading, with a follow up call $135 

  • A personalized 6 month Transformation package is also available.  


Additional Services Include: Spiritual Light Coaching, guided meditation facilitation, talisman medicine magic, love & tantric inspired herbal ritual magic, Ancestor Connection, herbal skin and body care, fertility blessing kits, personal and group ritual, women's rites of passage, spiritual herbal baths, commitment ceremonies, baby and house blessings.


Long distance sessions are held via phone or Skype. 

About Lucretia

What started at a childhood age of being able to see between worlds, Lucretia gift comes from a long line of those gifted with sight and ancestors who believed in the magic of the land's resources. Lucretia has spent her life devoted to studying spirituality, the healing arts, and indigenous practices. 

Lucretia is a certified Level Two Practitioner in a specialized form of Shamanic Reiki. With this, she blends her Healing Arts training (accrued from indigenous healers and Shamans throughout South East Asia; as well as spent time with the amazing Ketut Liyer in Bali). Lucretia's interest African Spirituality led her to work with the foremost voice in this field, the late Sobonfu Somé. Lucretia believes holding space in Grief Rituals adds a deeper level of community by providing a specific form of sacred space for healing work. Complete with a life long love of the magic of plant life, her continued studies in Folk and Plant Spirit Medicine  with  some of the leaders of the industry such as Rosita Arvigo add to her crafting sacred vibrational medicines for body, mind, and spirit.